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  • Daniel Larimer has created a new cryptocurrency called Clarion.
  • Larimer was the CTO of, the technology behind the EOS project.
  • Clarion aims to create an improved serialization library that could help improve the performance of EOSIO smart contracts.

According to an official announcement by Daniel Larimer himself, developers can join the CTO to discuss its new project called Clarion, a decentralized communication platform to replace platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

Clarion aims to give everyone in the world the tools to broadcast their message to everyone who wants to hear their message without creating dependencies on centralized infrastructure. It will achieve this with a censorship resistant “friend to friend” network which will leverage the unused resources of your friends and family to distribute your content.

What is Clarion, and when will it start operating?

Clarion OS is still in its early design stage, and Daniel Larimer aims to assemble a team of developers to build the first prototype. The project’s main goal is to provide a decentralized network that can replicate Twitter, Facebook, and others, but without censorship. 

One of the architectural design decisions that sets Clarion apart from most other peer to peer applications is the choice to utilize a progressive web application powered by Web Assembly. Recent actions by Google, Amazon, and Apple have demonstrated that we cannot rely on app stores and hosting providers to distribute our applications and content. This means the only viable way to get a censorship resistant application onto a cell phone is via Progressive Web Applications.

The project received significant interest on Twitter and Github as the project will be open source. Several developers have already applied to help Larimer,