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You’re certainly a lucky mug if you went in early on DEFC, the newly minted DeFi crypto coin. The DEFC price has rocketed by no less than 1442% if you got in at the OTC price of $0.035 just a few weeks ago. Since it listed on Vindax last week, the coin has also skyrocketed by 170% from $0.15 to $0.54 in a matter of days. Buying sentiment appears to be on the up and investors are piling into the coin like there’s no tomorrow.

With the price at $0.54 it now seems logical that the next leg up for DEFC will be the $1 mark. There appear to be some considerable resistance levels before that is achieved, but it does seem realistic that this price target will be achieved by end of July.

Major Events That Should Be A factor in DEFC Price Movement

defc price

There are several factors that should impact the price for DEFC in the short time. Listings on crypto aggregators are always important and two major ones are coming up. Both CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap plan to list DEFC very soon. Another important factor for a crypto coin is its accessibility so the opportunity to purchase DEFC on PancakeSWap is not to be taken lightly CAKE is another Top 20 coin so business appears to be booming for all decentralized exchanges.

But that’s not all. Another huge deal for DEFC is the launch of a Decentralised Exchange to launch on the DeFi coins website. A DeFi Coins App will also be built for the exchange. Building on the success of the coin’s ultimate aim, there will also be a DeFi coin educational app and course to be built. All these events should certainly contribute to positive price movement in the coming weeks.

DeFi Coin Price Analysis Short Term: An Upswing Expected

DEFC is currently trading at $0.57 on and trading volume has increased substantially to well over $78k. It has appreciated around 35% over the past 24 hours and the next resistance level appears to be the $0.60 mark. That signifies a 200% gain since its first listing on Vindax which continues to be the exchange listed where you can buy DEFC.

Over the next few days, bullish sentiment is expected to continue prevailing with the DEFC price scaling new highs. With the $0.60 mark in its sights, it is probable that DEFC will continue rising to the $0.75 level where it may encounter significant resistance.

However, the long-term prospects for DEFC remain extremely bullish. The price should continue to rise exponentially as more of the above-mentioned events happen, the DEFC price should continue to skyrocket. The price remains a good entry point as it should be scaling the $1 mark in no time.