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  • initially gained traction following endorsement by Yearn founder Andre Cronje.
  • The project will now be migrating to a new token that’s untouched by whales. (SAFE) is an insurance farming DeFi token that has come under the spotlight for its internal drama and massive pump and dump. Over the last three days, the price went up from $500 to $4,235 before dropping to $424.50

What is

SAFE aimed to be a new farming token that allowed farmers to buy coverage on their staked assets. In return, stakers receive $SAFE tokens for their services. yInsure offers two types of cover currencies – ETH and DAI. The reward rate for these pools is calculated via “adjusted cover value.”

The project gained a lot of traction early on due to comparisons with YFI and NXM.

However, things really picked up when Chef Insurance, the developer behind the project, revealed that they received a $25k grant from Yearn founder Andre Cronje.

Trouble in Paradise

Things started to unravel when prominent community member and investor Azeem Ahmed got accused of various unethical actions by Chef Insurance. As per the dev, Azeem had plans to maximize SAFE profits that would have been detrimental to the whole community.

Azeem then took to Twitter to make his case, saying that Chef Insurance didn’t have the experience needed to head the project, which led to a breakdown in their working relationship.

Eventually, all this internal drama led to a catastrophic pump and dump.

SAFE Migration

Following the pump and dump, Chef Insurance has reached out to the community for a possible solution to the crisis. It looks like the project will now be migrating to a new token that’s untouched by whales.


There has been a lot of negative reaction in the community in the wake of all the drama.

However, after Chef Insurance came clean, he seems to have gotten back a bit of the community’s confidence.