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Currensee is the first Forex trading social network, where thousands of real Forex traders collaborate, learn, share and see how they stack up on the  Currensee Trader Leaderboard based on their real trading performance, as measured by Currensee’s proprietary Trader Authority Index (TAI).

Who’s on Currensee and how are they trading? How do you stack up against the community’s trading performance? How did Trade Leader Rafat Haque retake the top spot on the Leaderboard last week after losing it to Michael Dei-Michei? You won’t know for sure until you  join Currensee. It’s easy and it’s free.

The Currensee Trader Leaderboard shows you how your Forex trading stacks up

You’re just a few clicks away from taking advantage of real-time collaboration with thousands of real Forex traders from all over the world. When you join Currensee, you can see the actual trades and positions of your trading friends, define strategies, measure your trading performance against the community, and leverage unique social indicators that show what the trader network is doing right now.

Everybody’s talking about Currensee –  join now and see how you stack up on the Trader Leaderboard.

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Full Disclosure: I’m affiliated with Currensee.