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Forex trading can certainly be a lonely trade. Yes, there are lots of resources online and also lots of forums and chat rooms.

However, there is nothing like meeting someone who is also interested in forex face to face, and things become more fun when you have drinks with this person. This is now available at 3 major cities.

FXstreet announces the second round of forex meetups in New York, London and Barcelona. Thursday, October 3rd, is the date.

The meetups consist of a short introduction, a key speech by an advanced member (including Q&A) and a follow up at the nearby pub.

Jeffery Baskin, CEO of Forex Education will be the keynote speaker in New York. He will talk about how to trade the forex market.  More information about New York Meeting

FXstreet’s Gonçalo Moreira will speak in London about finding your sweet spot with hidden divergences. The meetups are organized by Anna Couling.  More information about London Meeting

And in Barcelona, FXstreet’s home town, Mike Fowler will talk about 10 rules to stay alive in the market. The meetup is hosted by FXstreet’s CEO Francesc Riverola.  More information about Barcelona Meeting.

If you’re in one of these cities, don’t miss the opportunity to meet up with like minded forex traders and experts.

See more about the meetups here.