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Here are some of the key highlights from the latest ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts (minutes) released this Thursday.  

   “¢   Confident that inflation would rise towards target in medium-term.
   “¢   A view was expressed that ECB was close to a sustained adjustment of inflation, but most disagreed with that view.
   “¢   Risks of protectionism have become more pronounced.
   “¢   Protectionism raises uncertainty over economic outlook.
   “¢   Trade woes can trigger disorderly FX moves, volatility.
   “¢   Economic outlook is more uncertain, caution needed.
   “¢   More pronounced weakening of demand can’t be ruled out.
   “¢   Strengthening nominal wage growth provided some comfort.
   “¢   Growth risks broadly balanced and growth is still solid, broad-based.