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  • A report by crypto research firm, Longhash,  stated that 90% of the DApps built on Ethereum had no active usage.
  • According to DappRadar, only 3 out of the top 50 DApps are on Ethereum while 26 are on EOS and 21 on Tron.

Crypto research firm Longhash stated on their report that only 10% of the DApps built on Ethereum had any active usage. Around 90% of Ethereum DApps had little to no users on it. Of the top 50 DApps on DappRadar, a DApps analytics website, only 3 were built on Ethereum while 26 were on EOS and 21 on Tron. Currently, the most successful DApp on Ethereum is Maker Dao.

The reason behind this is Ethereum’s scalability issue. EOS and Tron are able to do 2000-4000 transactions per second whereas Ethereum is only able to handle 15-20 transactions per second. However, the reason why they can to do such a large amount of transactions is because of compromises made on their decentralization. In a recent talk, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin had labeled these platforms as “centralized pieces of trash.”