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  •  EOSfinex  goes live with four tradable pairs.
  • The cryptocurrency exchange offers fast and free transactions.

On July 30 the developers of a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange EOSfinex announced that the platform had gone into fully functional operation mode.

“EOSfinex combines the speed and scalability of EOS with Bitfinex’s industry-leading trading expertise, resulting in an on-chain exchange built around speed, transparency and control,” the team said on Twitter

EOSfinex is positioned as the first scalable exchange ecosystem based entirely on the EOS protocol.

According to the developers, the platform performs a decentralised exchange of cryptocurrencies. It means that the company is not engaged in orders processing and coins storage. These operations are performed on blockchain.

“With a comprehensive understanding of the demands of professional traders, eosfinex replicates and exceeds the current standard of cryptocurrency exchanges to set a new standard for digital asset trading.

So far, there are four trading pairs on the platform: RAM/USDT, EOX/USDT, EMT/USDT and EOS/USDT. The exchange supports several types of orders and allows connecting directly with accounts in the EOS blockchain or through a Scatter wallet.

The beta version of EOSfinex was launched on March 28/ Initially, the trading was scheduled to start on July 25 but it was postponed as the platform “needed further improvements”.