EOS Retains Top Spot in China’s Crypto Ranking, Bitcoin comes in at 12th
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EOS Retains Top Spot in China’s Crypto Ranking, Bitcoin comes in at 12th

  • Tron, Ethereum, Steem, and ontology were among the top five.
  • The assessment was held for the 12th time.

EOS has recently topped China’s crypto ranking again. Bitcoin is up by three positions claiming the 12th spot. Tron, Ethereum, Steem, and Ontology were among the top five.  Although Bitcoin is quite dominant in the crypto market, it didn’t score well in terms of underlying technology, unlike EOS. However, it scored well for creativity, taking the 12th place. CCID stated:

“The results show that the world’s three major Dapp platforms “”EOS, Tron, and Ethereum “” remain ranked in the top three, [and] the scores are 148.5, 144.1 and 136.6.”

The government-sponsored team evaluated each blockchain on three criteria:  

  • Technology.  
  • Application.
  • Innovation.

The Center for Information and Industry Development released the rankings in collaboration with China’s Ministry for Industry and Information Technology. According to a notice, the assessment was held for the 12th time and its updates will be made once every two months instead of monthly. The rankings used to be updated, but it will now be updated one every two months. CCID added:

“The result of this assessment will allow the CCID group to provide better technical consulting services for government agencies, business enterprises, research institutes, and technology developers.”

 EOS has clutched the top spot since June 2018, while Tron has managed to stay in the second position since February 2019.

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