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eqlx, pronounced “equal x” launches and aims for a fair model for all: the innovate brokerage model offers full transparency and a 50/50 profit split with the  customers.

For all the details, here is the official press release:

London, United Kingdom, October 2nd, 2016 eqlx, an OTC Forex and CFD brokerage, announced today that its innovative new brokerage model is open to the general trading community at Committed to redefining the brokerage industry, eqlx was founded to tackle some of the commonly perceived issues in the industry”” lack of transparency and a general mistrust between broker and trader. eqlx will provide a high level of transparency to its clients, including a detailed breakdown of revenue and expenses incurred.


“For so long, traders, the lifeblood of brokers, have not been able to see how a broker truly operates. Brokers are like a black box. We are peeling back the curtain, allowing our clients to see exactly how much revenue we generate, how we generate it, and details on our expenses like actually what our core rates are”” at a level not seen before. We believe this will change the dynamic between how a trader views their broker forever.” said Matthew Carstens, CEO, and co-founder of eqlx.

Even more innovative, eqlx will split its quarterly net profits with its active client base; 50/50. “With this new level of transparency as a core tenant of ours, we are able to go a step further by treating our active traders as equals by actually valuing them on par with ourselves. We will literally be distributing 50% of any net profits of the company back to our fantastic group of active traders because we understand we are nothing without them.” With over 900+ instruments to trade, including hundreds of single stock CFDs, eqlx comes with an exceptional offering.

“Our business model is to run an incredibly lean organization by keeping our operating costs exceptionally low with no sales staff or fancy sports sponsorship deals in order to push as much revenue back to our active traders, or what we call “the collective”, as possible. Clients will receive clean, fair, and simply awesome execution on all of our instruments, period. This truly is a place to access the markets as it should be”, Carstens added. See for yourself how transparent we are. Receive a statement and view a sample breakdown of our revenue and expenses firsthand.

About eqlx eqlx is a trading name of ACM Group, Plc. eqlx offers 900+ tradable OTC Forex and CFD instruments with a goal of providing complete transparency to its clients. Founded by veterans of the Forex industry, eqlx’s mission is to level the playing field by splitting any quarterly profits 50/50 with their active traders. The company is headquartered in London, UK. To learn more, visit or follow the company on Twitter @weareeqlx. EQL-X (“eqlx”)” is a trading name of ACM Group PLC (“Alpha”).

Alpha is registered in England and Wales under company number 5196460 and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom under FCA Firm Reference Number 441689. Contacts Joe Force Head of Marketing [email protected]