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  • A strategic development director of Blockstream criticizes ETH.
  • The creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin strikes back.

Blockstream’s strategic development director and a hardcore bitcoin maximalist, Samson Mow, has recently criticized Ethereum’s smart contract platform and its ability to scale efficiently. He believes that Ethereum is a technological dead end, and sooner or later it will die.

‘Ethereum is a technological dead end. The more it’s used, the faster it dies. Fortunately, USD  is also available on the #LiquidNetwork which is more scalable and later will allow Lightning Networks to be created for assets like Tether,”  he wrote on Twitter

He made his comment in response to the recent publication in Bloomberg where the authors stated that Ethereum’s network utilization reached 90%. In the future, this may lead to unsustainably high transaction fees that will force developers and users to opt for other blockchains.

The founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin advised him to look after Bitcoin” network.

“You do realize that Bitcoin is also “almost full” in exactly the same way ethereum is, right?” he replied.

However, Blockstream’s guy seemed to have different view on the natter.

No. It’s very different. All blockchains don’t scale but you have it worse. Bitcoin is used for validation of transactions. Ethereum is used for stuffing and calculating all sorts of extraneous data. he said. He believes that this is one of the biggest barriers for the companies interested in Ethereum’  ecosystem.