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Sluggish EUR/USD rebound reflects a slower distribution of both Recovery Funds and covid vaccines. Economists at Westpac believe the 1.1950-1.2350 range is likely to persist into the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting on Thursday, March 11.

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Key quotes

“The EU’s covid vaccine rollout has suffered several logistic and bureaucratic obstacles. Although the total administered vaccines across the region now total almost 35 M, this is quite a shortfall compared to early hopes and is decidedly less than UK (>21 M) and US (>85 M).”  

“Regional lockdown restrictions may be on the cusp of being relaxed, but there are growing concerns over the persistence of new COVID-19 cases as new variants take hold. The economic consequence is a potential delay in recoveries which could undermine the optimism which had been featured in recent PMIs.”

“The ECB has underscored that it will maintain PEPP flexibility and that it has further policy tools to provide support if needed. This may well be a feature as the ECB meets next week.”  

“EUR/USD is likely to remain contained within an effective 1.1950-1.2350 range.”