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The latest report by Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) covering data up to Feb.18 shows that bullish sentiment is turning towards European major currencies like the  Euro  and the  GBP  but not the  Swiss franc. At the same time the negative bias increases slightly with the  CAD, the  CHF  and the  Japanese Yen.
The  Australian dollar  net short position moderated somewhat to $4.01 billion.
The  Euro  had the biggest weekly change, returning to net long position amounting of $1.47 billion, though that does not mean anything since the Euro has been changing sides every week in the last months. The  British pound  has gradually built the largest net long position amounting of $2.32 billion while the  Japanese Yen  maintains the largest net short.
Traders have covered somewhat their short positions on the  Australian dollar  with the longer term trend still negative. The  Japanese Yen  bearish bias is not convincing due to small negative weekly changes as well as directionless USDJPY pair. The  Canadian  bearish sentiment strengthened by $0.72 billion with the exchange rate trend also negative and that increases chances for continuation of current circumstances.
CFTC Sentiment vs. Exchange Rate:
CFTC Sentiment 240214 table for currency trading forex

Net long / short positions:


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