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  • The recent poll confirmed that Europeans are bullish on cryptocurrencies.
  • Bitcoin may be replaced by newer blockchains.

The Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange BitFlyer recently polled  10,000 European residents and found out that 63% of respondents believed, cryptocurrency were well positioned to survive for another ten years.  

Thus, the respondents from ten countries, including the UK, Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, among others confirmed that digital money would be a part of their respective economies in a ten-years’ time.  

Norwegians are the most confident with 73% of the participants of the survey were positive about the future of cryptocurrencies. The French are on the opposite end of the spectrum with 55% of positive results, which is still higher that 50% threshold.  

“These results indicate that the reputation of cryptocurrency has moved beyond hype and become more established. It’s very easy to forget just how new cryptocurrencies still are; we’ve only just celebrated bitcoin’s 10th birthday, so for the majority of consumers to believe in crypto’s future is without a doubt an achievement,” Andy Bryant, COO at BitFlyer Europe commented.

Meanwhile, the report revealed that Europeans are less enthusiastic about Bitcoin and more confident in the new generation of digital assets. While Bitcoin is the first of its kind and the largest digital asset, many respondents are looking into the competitive advantages offered by new blockchains.  

“The fact that bitcoin is not generating as much support as other cryptocurrencies is in part a symptom of the market’s volatility, but is also a direct impact of the constant media attention that is associated to its volatility. We of course believe that bitcoin is here to stay, and while we’re encouraged to see the large majority of Europeans think the same, this research shows there is much more to be done to demonstrate to consumers the benefits of and use cases across all cryptocurrencies more widely.” Andy Bryant added.