EuroSwap EDEX: The first European DEX exchange launched TokenSale
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EuroSwap EDEX: The first European DEX exchange launched TokenSale

For the week of the Priority Sale, the EuroSwap project managed to visit the largest thematic news, and also collected thousands of followers in social networks. Investors attract the low cost of tokens and the very idea, the implementation of which was waiting in Europe for 8 months. Since Europe officially took the course to crypto integration.


EuroSwap EDEX project develops the idea of introducing crypto and blockchain to Europe in parallel with government initiatives. The project offers solutions to popularize cryptocurrency in Europe due to the connection to the decentralized stock of VISA’s gateways. That is, buying and selling cryptocurrency on a safe Dex will be possible using a conventional bank card with binding to euros. Thus, given the global European crypto campaign, it is expected that the number of active users of cryptocurrency in Europe will grow from 5% to 25% by 2024.

That is why the European Decentral Crypto Exchange project (EuroSwap) has become very popular in a short time. Investors understand that the EDEX token in the near future will bring them good profits. The EDEX token is supported by the capital capitalization in the digital market, as well as the mechanisms for earning a decentralized exchange – EuroSwap will first earn at commissions 0.03% from each transaction in cryptocurrency and 0.8% when trading cryptocurrencies with a fate euro. Thus, the project becomes profitable, and its capitalization is growing as the product and the total vector of Europe in the direction of Crypto. EDEX provides its holders the right to ownership of the interests of the intellectual and commercial property of the European Decentral Crypto Exchange project. This means that by buying EDEX, you buy a digital bond, which guarantees you ownership and participation in EuroSwap’s profits.

In addition, very soon in the EuroSwap project there will be several loud announcements. The developers have already announced an application for adding a project to Coinmarketcap Calendars. And the development team itself will be very soon presented.

How to get the opportunity to buy an EDEX token on the current Priority Session?

The current phase of Tokenceyl is Priority Session, on which buyers receive the largest advantages and price and maintenance. For example, these early investors receive personal support, which will be deprived of buyers who will come to the project after the Priority Session. You also get the opportunity to buy 1 EDEX at a price of 0.01 Euro (0.0116 BUSD). The total EuroSwap emission is 746,000,000 EDEX, which is equal to the number of all inhabitants in Europe. That is, potentially every European can own at least one EuroSwap token. You can participate in the early sale of EDEX token on the official website or by the help of the manager in the official bot Telegram.



Name: EuroSwap

Symbol: EDEX

Total supply: 746,000,000
Contract:  0x5D11Cb1D41BB18D1120a041CDF08155E4581a603

Priority session: 1,5%

PreSale session: 5,5%

Final session: 0,5%

Lock liquidity: 20% collected funds

Ecosystem: 24% 

Foundation: 24,5%

Operation reserve: 14%

Marketing & Listing: 3,5%

Team & Advisors: 6,5%

The official platform support bot in Telegram. Follow EuroSwap updates on the official community channels in the Telegram, Reddit, Twitter



Contact name – Thomas Kindake

Contact phone number – +43277343165

Contact email – [email protected]

Company name – EuroSwap EDEX

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