EU’s Barnier: Backstop reassurances cannot be time-limited


The European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier was out with some comments in the last hour, saying that it will indeed be a no-deal Brexit if no positive proposals are made by Britain.

Barnier was further noted saying that the backstop agreement is about reassuring Ireland that there will be no hard border but that reassurances cannot be time-limited.

Additional quotes:

   •  If a request for delay is made, it will be up top EU member states to decide. 
   •  The question now is why extend negotiations further, and how much time will be needed. 
   •  If the UK gives compromises on the red lines, we are ready to negotiate.
   •  If Britain wants more than a free trade agreement, we can clear that up in the future.
   •  One cannot give any concessions to Britain on EU basic freedom for the internal market.

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