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  • “From the start, we intended to do something different from Bitcoin,” Joseph Lubin.
  • Tron and EOS are focused on competing with Ethereum.

The co-founder of Ethereum who is also the founder of ConsenSys Joseph Lubin in his recent interview with Tom Shaughnessy said that why Ethereum is one of the most advanced networks, there still a lot that needs to be done. He also expressed his opinions on the state of the Ethereum ecosystem and its transformation over the years. Some of his thoughts:

“From the start, we intended to do something different from Bitcoin. Using the same technological principles, we intended to build a platform for decentralized applications, and as an application framework, of course, you need to keep getting more capable and evolve as technology evolves.”

“Growing pains are essential and wonderful… If we didn’t grow to the point where there pains, then I think it could be argued that we are moving too slowly as an ecosystem… Everything about Ethereum needs to improve, and there are lots of people that are working to improve virtually everything about Ethereum.”

Lubin said that there projects like Tron and EOS that are focused on competing with Ethereum, although they put most of the energy on marketing. He said the projects after raising funds have decided to “fake it till you make it’, and we’ll see how that goes.” The founder added:

“Ethereum has, in my opinion, the best technology, by a lot, the best technologists and so many more of them, and orders of magnitude bigger ecosystem, and I feel that the project is moving faster… It won’t be hard for Etheruem to maintain an ecosystem lead, and at minimum, stay up to speed technologically.”