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I’m taking this long weekend to bring some quick updates about the site.

The Forex Crunch Facebook Page has passed the 5,000 fan mark. Thank you very much! If you’re on Facebook and like my site, please “Like” it on Facebook as well. Thanks!

And thanks to Doron Gez who set up the page and maintains it.


I’ve been working on improving the speed that the site loads. This is a never ending process, but I’ve reached some significant progress. I hope you’ll notice it and that everybody will enjoy surfing more and more pages in the site, and come back more often, as the flow is faster. You can compare site performance between sites with this tool.

Here are some of the people who have assisted with this: Shooky Galili (SEO Consultant), Erik Geurts (OpenX Consultant), and Frederick Townes (W3 Cache). And of course, thank you WordPress, engine on which the site runs, for a great platform.

More performance improvements will be carefully implemented in the future, as well as more forex goodies.

Have a great week!