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The project has had some serious issues and concerns after MasterCard, Stripe, eBay and PayPal all left the Libra Association.

On Monday they had their big Libra association meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, where they announced the signing of a new charter, a new board of directors, and its new executive board.

The Libra Association  appointed a new board of directors that includes the following: Matthew Davie from Kiva Microfunds; Patrick Ellis from PayU; Katie Haun from Andreessen Horowitz; David Marcus from Calibra; and Wences Casares from Xapo Holdings Limited.

The new charter confirmed the purpose of the Libra Association: it “provides basic governance structure and decision-making framework for the Association members to advance the Libra project workstreams,” according to a  fact sheet.

The following press statement said  “In signing onto the Libra charter, these organization representatives became the initial members of the Libra Council, the body responsible for the governance of the Libra Association,”

Now all eyes are on the banking world as some central bankers are meeting in Washington this week to discuss “the future of finance”. Just today Bank of England’s Mark Carney backed the project saying that it is only happening due to inefficiencies in the current market.