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  • The developer team of Libra project disclosed its roadmap.
  • The company says they are making progress implementing key features.

The Libra Association has published its first roadmap describing the main steps to be taken by Calibra team before launching the main network.

“We are working towards providing clearer and more plentiful ways to help you get involved over time. We hope that publishing this and future roadmaps, updating the status of high level priorities, and sharing design notes can give you guidance and insight into upcoming Libra Core features,” the developers say.

At the first stage, the Association plans to attract five partners that will have to deploy full nodes. The fourth stage of the roadmap is the launch of Libra mainnet. According to the company’s estimates, about 100 partners will join the project and deploy their full nodes.

The Association also noted that the nodes of the new digital currency will be based on a combination of local and cloud infrastructure. The developers believe, that this approach will make Libra more stable.

They build a development environment called Pre-Mainnet to prepare for the mainnet launch. This environment allows Libra partners with full nodes testing the functionality of the system and communicates with each other.

“A handful of partners have already deployed their nodes and have them communicate with each other. We expect to have more partners coming online shortly. We want to ensure the Libra network can meet rigorous performance benchmarks and overall system stability before opening access,” according to the team

Commenting on the current progress they said:

“We continue to complete design work for all priority features. We are making good progress implementing features like Full Nodes. We’re working to define node reconfiguration specification will work prior to finalizing the Libra Protocol definition.

Notably, the potential partners of the project, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Stripe, are in no hurry to sign official documents to participate in the Facebook digital currency project. The payment giants are concerned about data privacy and potential regulatory issues.

Also the European Commission recently launched an antitrust investigation into Libra. In particular, EU Commissioner for Competition Margret Westagher admitted that Libra can lead to the creation of a completely separate economy, disadvantaging those who do not use digital currency.