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  • International Shipping Giants Join Forces.
  • Mandate Blockchain Adoption For International Shipping.

FedEx CIO Rob Carter called on the government at the recent Blockchain Global Revolution Conference in Toronto Canada panel discussion about implementation of mandatory blockchain standards for international shipping which will help to combat the trafficking of counterfeit items and illegal goods. As per Carter, Blockchain mandated standards would be incredibly helpful for FedEx as they would digitize the information-packed paper trail.

He said:

“There’s an incredible amount of information moving with an international package. An incredible amount of paperwork [such as]certificates of origin and certain commodities require specific licenses. That information moves sometimes in digital forms and sometimes paper forms. As we move toward a more digital world, blockchain is where you piece all that together.”

Carter favors blockchain technology over the current digitized documentation transfer systems. Apart from FedEx, UPS and DHL are also in favor of implementing blockchain technology in their shipping services making them a part of Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA).

FedEx Logistics CEO Richard Smith said:  

“‘You’re the government. You can mandate that it’s widely adopted.’ Why not plant a flag in the ground and say in the next five years all importers have to be up on blockchain? It’s the only way you’re going to be able to do it without slowing commerce to a crawl.”