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Federal Reserve  Bank of Boston President Eric  Rosengren crossed the wires at the start of Wednesday’s Asian session. Some of his comments are directly related to the Fed’s future moves and the US economic condition.

Key quotes:

“US economic conditions ‘relatively benign’.”

“US inverted yield curve reflects challenging economic conditions abroad.”

“Trade disruption, global economic weakness pose risks to US economy.”

“Elevated risks to US economy have not become reality.”

“Sees continued 2% US GDP growth if consumer continues to spend, global conditions don’t worsen.”

“If risks to US economy materialize, fed should cut rates aggressively.”

“It’s a good time to watch incoming data carefully to see if policy adjustments are needed.”

FX implications

Market reaction to the news is relatively quiet as all eyes stick to the United Kingdom’s (UK) Brexit showdown. However, such statements from the Fed policymakers generally trigger the US Dollar (USD) volatility.