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  • The percentage of crypto holders has increased from 7.95% in 2018 to 14.4%.
  • 55.4% of the Bitcoin owners surveyed own another form of cryptocurrency.

According to a news survey by Finder, an Australia-based financial services firm, the number of cryptocurrency owners in America has almost doubled in 2019. The percentage has increased from 7.95% in 2018 to 14.4%. After analyzing 2,068 Americans, Finder found out that around 36.5 million people own some form of crypto in the US.  
As per the survey, Americans hold an average of $5,447 in crypto. However, about three-quarters of the respondents held a lesser amount, the median amount “” the value separating the higher part “” of cryptocurrency owned by US people, which is $360.

Almost half of the crypto holders in America are deemed as “crypto polygamists”. This is because 55.4% of Bitcoin (BTC) owners surveyed by Finder own another form of cryptocurrency. Finder’s survey claims that men own crypto at nearly twice the rate of women. Around 19% of men claimed to hold some crypto versus just 10% of women.
61% of the respondents own crypto for investment purposes, only 29.3% confirmed that they use it for transaction purposes. Further, 25.6% of US people hold crypto as they want to deposit their money outside traditional financial institutions.  

Americans who didn’t invest in crypto preferred to stay away as the method of its usage is tough. According to Finder, 47.9% of the respondents don’t want to invest in crypto as they consider it as “too complicated or difficult to understand.” Meanwhile, 45% of people are not interested in crypto and 23% think that crypto is too risky to deal with.  

However, the research is slightly different from another crypto-related research that was held earlier this year. Venture capital firm Blockchain Capital had previously released a survey declaring that 11% of the American population owns Bitcoin. Another study claims that 32% of Europeans support Bitcoin and regard it as the future of online payments.