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Relative calm was seen after a crazy week, but as doubts creep in, this calm isn’t likely to stay too long. Some leaders are supposedly cutting short their vacations.

Before the markets reopen, here are some long term forex related reads, for those of you who are on vacation and for those who are not on vacation.

You are most welcome to download and read the comprehensive outlook for August, by joining the list at the bottom.

  • Lior Cohen  has a very interesting report on Gold during August.
  • Tyler Durden discusses the topic “In order to be saved, Spain and Italy must first be destroyed”.
  • John Ward talks about the anarchy inside the troika. It’s hard to expect Greece to comply when its creditors aren’t on the same page.
  • David Keohane analyzes the changing ingredients on the Swiss cake – diversification benefited the Aussie so far.
  • Larry Greenberg reminds us to beware during the month of August.
  • Rob Booker answers to Matthew Carstens and states that demo trading is not killing you. Here is the original article that started the debate: 3 Reasons Why Demo Trading is Killing You.
  • Michael Greenberg reports about a Chinese crackdown on forex and gold operators.
  • Nathan Tucci introduces a new tool on Winners Edge Trading: Forex Trade Finder.

Here are some long term articles published recently on this site: