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After a volatile week of forex trading, the markets are now closed and it’s time to sit back and enjoy some wider scoped articles, just before the holiday arrive. Enjoy:

  • Macro Man speaks his mind about the rating agencies, such as Moody’s that rocked the Euro this week.
  • Trading NRG discusses the possibility of a bubble in the gold market.
  • Casey Stubbs has an interesting interview with Todd Gordon.
  • Jay Norris examines USD/JPY and sees that it is at a long term crossroad.
  • Adam Kritzer shows how the Japanese yen is down with risk aversion – a theme that is usually uncommon.
  • Andriy explains the reasons behind the $4 trillion / day turnover in forex trading.
  • Larry Greenberg dives into history and shows how EUR/USD traded in December.
  • Kathy Lien discusses the different ways that Europe and the US tackle the crisis. Which one is better?
  • Francesc Riverola shows us the Whipsaw Song – very relevant to traders.
  • Michael Greenbreg interviews Glenn Stevens, CEO of Gain Capital, following  Gain’s IPO.

That’s it for now. Have a great week!