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The markets are now closed after a very exciting week that saw Bernanke hammer the dollar with QE2 Lite. Before another week, that consists of Non-Farm Payrolls and three rate decisions begins, it’s to sit back and enjoy some long term forex related articles. Here are my picks. Enjoy!

And if Bernanke wasn’t enough, we got bad figures from the US: the economy is hardly growing and the weekly jobless claims are up, looming over the upcoming Non-Farm Payrolls. Anyway, let’s relax now:

  • Larry Greenberg discusses three paradoxical observations on the US GDP.
  • Adam Kritzer sees a dollar rally when QE2 ends. I believe that the QE2 Lite which inherits the current program will hurt the dollar.
  • Casey Stubbs presents a list of no less than 97 forex mistakes.
  • Lior Cohen analyzes the gold and silver rush.
  • Mike K., of FXMadness, analyzes the markets and states that interest rates dominate.
  • Arnaud Jeulin, the owner of Mataf, provides global forex statistics for March 2011 and asks some important questions.
  • Michael Greenberg interviews Lenar Fatkullin, marketing manager for Metaquotes, the company behind MetaTrader.
  • Francesc Riverola announces a Portuguese version of FXStreet. This is the 11th language for the forex portal.
  • Andriy Moraru discusses testing quality with MQL5 Market and MQL5 Wizard.
  • James Woolley presents the personalized trader profile for discovering your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Jay Norris wonders whether the yen crosses will resume their spring rally.

Here are some long term posts published this week on Forex Crunch:

Have a great weekend!