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There are lots of Forex blogs out there, and also a variety of economic blogs that deal with Forex, but also with other stuff. I want to share a few Forex blogs that I read, and to ask for recommendations for more forex blogs:

  • Forex Blog – “My Forex experience and some Forex related information that might be useful to other traders” – A forex blog by Andrei and perhaps other writers. Provides news, analysis and predictions about the forex market.
  • Forex Blog – “Experiences of a Forex Trader” – A forex blog by Trader Rich – Provides Forex strategies, personal experiences, Forex Trading Systems, etc.
  • Forex Blog by Lloyd – “Scouting for Success in the Forex Market” – Talks about ways to trade profitably in the forex market and reviews forex strategies and popular forex software.
  • Kathy Lien – A senior foreign exchange currency expert from  Global Forex Trading (GFT). She provides interesting technical and fundamental analysis, forex signals and strategies.
  • Forex Trading TV Video Blog – Includes forex news,  weekly video analysis  ,  technical analysis  and forex articles.
  • Market Skeptics – A sharp economic blog by Eric deCarbonnel. He writes about major economic movements in a somewhat pessimistic way. Sees the big picture.
  • Macro Man – A  portfolio manager at a London-based global macro hedge fund, that trades forex among other things. He writes about economic developments, strategies and also technical analysis in a sharp and funny  way.

The order in the list is random.

What Forex blogs do you read?