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The markets are now closed after another volatile week of forex trading. It’s now time to sit back and enjoy some long term forex-related articles, before a new week begins. Here are my picks. Enjoy!

  • Francesc Riverola reports about two forex fraud cases. This joins the arrest of Crown Currency directors.
  • Michael Greenberg reports about a scheme by big banks to form a new FX trading venue – Pure FX.
  • Adam Kritzer shows how risk aversion is still positive for the dollar. Also US inflation is still positive for the dollar.
  • Gonzalo Lira discusses what will happen to the dollar as the Euro falls.
  • Larry Greenberg discusses the changes in the US economy – the age of uncreative destruction.
  • Casey Stubbs discusses forex trading from home. Do you trade from home or from the office?
  • Andriy discusses hedging currency risks with online forex trading.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!