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After a crazy week full of fear and catastrophes, the markets are now closed. It’s time to sit back and enjoy some long-term forex related articles. Here are some picks from selected places on the web:

EUR/USD had another choppy week.  Technically, is the recent move a correction or something bigger? Here are some answers.

  • Adam Kritzer discusses the Japanese troubles, even before the catastrophic earthquake.
  • Larry Greenberg looks forward to 2012 and discusses how economies are positioned.
  • Bradley W. Gareiss reviews one of the sensitive issues for any trader – where to place the stop loss.
  • Andriy Miraru provides tools for testing forex weekly gaps.
  • Jay Norris talks about risk – our Achilles heel.
  • Michael Greenberg reports that ForexYard has been acquired by SafeCap (aka Lots of action in the forex industry. Michael covers everything.
  • Francesc Riverola speaks with Elan Mendel, an associate at the Shopkevich law firm, about the recent CFTC lawsuits. Interesting details are revealed.
  • James Woodley presents a free webinar about creating financial security through trading.
  • Nathan Tucci, on Casey’s blog, reports about his first week of trading. His stories sound so familiar to any forex trader.

That’s it. Have a great weekend!