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After Bernanke left many disappointed from his moves (or lack of moves) and currencies are reorganizing in new lines, the markets are now closed. It’s time for some long term forex related reads before the action resumes (another Sunday gap?). Here are my picks. Enjoy!

Bernanke managed to sideline the European debt crisis, but very temporarily. Even if Greece gets the next tranche of aid (still unclear), new austerity measures are likely to put it deeper in the trenches. How will this be felt in the euro?

  • Lior Cohen analyzes the moves in gold and oil after Bernanke, and provides a look to future moves.
  • Jim Leaviss lists 10 policy errors that put us in the second phase of the financial crisis.
  • Joseph Cotterill makes an interesting comparison between the sovereign debt markets of Italy and… Lebanon. There are a few things in common.
  • Kathy Lien shows us what happened to the US yield curve in the previous “Operation Twist”. This has implications on USD/JPY.
  • Francesc Riverola brings a very interesting view about the future of the euro-zone, from Megan Green, who knows a thing or two about the situation.
  • Larry Greenberg dives into the depressing situation in the US job market and notes that some factors are paradoxical.
  • Jay Norris talks about market correlations and constructive interference with regard to EUR/USD and S&P.
  • Adil Siddiqui discusses the question if trading is gaming, and reports about a gaming company that is entering foreign exchange.

Here are the long term articles published on Forex Crunch this week: