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Unemployment Claims in the US and ECB Press Conference in Europe are the major market-movers. Let see what awaits us today.

In the US, Unemployment Claims, significant indicator of overall financial health, weekly report to value the number of unemployed that for the first time filed for insurance over the passing week, raise from 391K to  is expected now.

Later in the US, Natural Gas Storage is due to drop to 94B from 111B on the last week.

In Canada, Building Permits, rate the all total price of new construction permits that were issued on the passing month; drop down to 0.6% is expected from 6.3% on September.

More in Canada, Ivey Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), value of the business conditions over the passing month by survey,  is about to raise up to 58.2 points from 57.6 points on September.

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In Europe, European Central Bank (ECB) Press Conference, main ECB tool to communicate with investors regarding financial policy. Specify the most recent interest rate and other policy decisions,

More in Europe, Minimum Bid Rate, monthly indicator for the Interest rate that delivers the wholesale of liquidity to the banking system, 1.5% is expected with no change from the previous months.

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In Great Britain, Official Bank Rate, Bank of England (BOE) Interest rate for other banks, 0.50% is expected with no change from the previous months.

More in Great Britain, Asset Purchase Facility, total money value for the BOE to use in the open market, 200b is forecasted with no change from the last report.

Later in Great Britain, Housing Equity Withdrawal is about to drop to -5.9B, small change from the last quarter.

Finally in Britain, Index of Services, due to rise up to 0.9% from the last month.

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In Switzerland, Consumer Price Index (CPI), value of the goods and services consumers price, reduce of 0.3% is predicted now.

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In Australia, Australian Industry Group (AIG) Construction Index, is expected to remain 32.1.

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