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MPC Rate Statement in the UK and Unemployment Rate in Canada are the major market-movers. Let see what awaits us today.

In the US, Unemployment Claims, Weekly report to value the individuals that filed for unemployment insurance for the first time, due to decline by 4K down to 355K now.

More in the US, Natural Gas Storage, value the number natural gas cubic feet storage underground, no change from the past week is predicted and 57B is expected to remain.

Finally in the US, Challenger Job Cuts due to remain 2% similar to March report.

In Canada, Unemployment Rate, value in percentage unemployed that are actively looking for employment on the past month, rise of 0.1% is predicted up to 7.5%.

More in Canada, Employment Change, number of employed people on the last month, rise from -2.8K up to 12.6K is forecasted from March.

Later in Canada, Building Permits, important   future construction activity indicator to value the   building permits issued, rise from -12.3% on March up to 2.2% now is likely.

Finally in Canada, Ivey Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI); Survey to value the business conditions like   including employment, production, prices, supplier deliveries etc., 64.8 points is predicted now 1.7 points less from March.

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In Europe, German Industrial Production, value the manufacturers, mines etc., output produced by, due to reduce down to -0.1% this time from 1.6% on March.

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In Great Britain, Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Rate Statement the key tool that is been used by the MPC to communicate with investors regarding monetary policy, and shows the outcome of the interest rates and policy measures, with the  financial outlook discussions. While the Official Bank Rate remain 0.50% with no change from the previous times.

Later in Great Britain, Asset Purchase Facility, value the money the Bank of England (BOE) will create and use for open market assets , 325B is likely similar to the last month report.

Later on in Great Britain, Manufacturing Production, measures the manufacturers output production on the last month, rise of 0.1% from March is predicted up to 0.2% now.

Also on in Great Britain, National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Estimate), the valued worth of all economy’s goods and services production over the past 3 months, 0.1% is forecasted now.

Finally in Great Britain, Industrial Production is due to rise from -0.4% on the last month up to 0.4% now.

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In Switzerland, Consumer Price Index (CPI), consumer’s price change in for goods and services, rise of 0.1% is estimated from 0.3% on March up to 0.4% on this report.

More in Switzerland, Foreign Currency Reserves, the value of foreign currency reserves that is held by the Swiss National Bank (SNB), 224.9B is expected with no change from the last report.

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In Australia, Australian Industry Group (AIG) Construction Index, is about to remain 35.6 poits similar to the last month survey.

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That’s it for today.

Happy forex trading!