Forex Daily Outlook August 16 2012
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Forex Daily Outlook August 16 2012

Unemployment Claims in the US and Retail Sales in the UK are the major market-movers. Let see what awaits us today.

In the US, Philly Fed Manufacturing Index, Monthly Manufacturers Survey to rate the t 250 general business conditions in the Philadelphia Federal Reserve district, rise is due from -12.9 on July   up to -4.3 points now.

Later in the US, Unemployment Claims, weekly report to measure the unemployment insurance that was filed for the first time, rise of 4K from the last week is likely up to 365K now.

Also in the US, Building Permits, future construction activity excellent indicator to value the new residential building permits that were issued on the last month, rise of 1M up to 0.77M is estimated.

More in the US, Housing Starts, value the new buildings that were construction on the  previous month 0.76M is likely similar to the last time.

In Canada, Foreign Securities Purchases, calculated all the domestic stocks, bonds, and money-market assets that were purchased by foreigners on the last month, decrease is likely from 26.11B on July down   to 10.67B now.

Later in Canada, Manufacturing Sales, Value the total sales made by manufacturers, rise from -0.4% on July up to 0.4% is likely.

Finally in Canada, Bank of Canada (BOC) Review, quarterly report that includes articles related to the economy and central banking, it is written by members of the Department of Monetary and Financial Analysis.

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In Europe, Consumer Price Index (CPI) to value the price change of goods and services that are purchased by consumers on the last month, 2.% is likely similar to the last month, and on the Core CPI (without food, energy, alcohol, and tobacco) rise of 0.3% is forecasted up to 1.6%.

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In Great Britain, Claimant Count Change, value the number of people that are claiming for unemployment benefits, rise of 0.3K is predicted from July up to 6.3K.

Later in Great Britain, Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Meeting Minutes, detailed record of the Bank of England (BOE) MPC’s latest meeting, to providing insights regarding the financial conditions and decisions on the interest rates.

More in Great Britain, Unemployment Rate, the total unemployed work force by percentage that is looking for employment on the past 3 months, 8.1% is likely to remain similar to the last report.

Finally in Great Britain, Average Earnings Index, the price Change in the businesses and the government pay for labor with bonuses, rise of 0.3% is due up to 1.8% this month.

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In Australia, Melbourne Institute (MI) Inflation Expectations, value by percentage the consumers price expectation of goods and services on the next 12 months; 3.3% is likely this time.

Also in Australia, Guy Debelle, Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) Assistant Governor (Financial Markets), is due to speak in Sydney.

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In New Zealand, Producer Price Index (PPI) Input,  manufacturers goods and raw materials price change, 0.3% is due similar to the last quarterly repot, and PPI Output is about to remain -0.1 like on the last time.

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