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Trade Balance in the US and in Canada is the major market-movers. Let see what awaits us today.

In the US, Unemployment Claims, weekly report to show who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time, rise is predicted from 365K up to 371K now.

Also in the US, Trade Balance, value the difference between imported and exported goods and services, rise of 1.3B is likely from the last month up to -47.4B

Later in the US, Wholesale Inventories is due to remain similar to the previous monthly report with 0.3%.

More in the US, Natural Gas Storage no change is likely and 28B is estimates similar to the previous week.

Finally in the US, 30-y Bond Auction is about to remain similar to the last report.

In Canada, Trade Balance, monthly valuation for the difference between imported and exported goods, is about to reduce by 0.1% down to -0.9B this time.

Later in Canada, Housing Starts, the new residential structures that began building on the last month, reduce of 11K is likely from the last month down to 212K

Finally in Canada, New Housing Price Index (NHPI), important housing industry’s health indicator to predict the selling price change of new homes, rise of 0.1% is calculated up to 0.4% now.

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In Europe, European Central Bank (ECB) Monthly Bulletin, value the latest ECB Governing Board interest rate decision and of the economic conditions analysis.

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In Great Britain, Trade Balance, monthly measurement to value the difference in between imported and exported goods, is due to decrease by 0.1B down to -8.5B.

Also in Great Britain, The Conference Board (CB) Leading Index that is based on 7 monetary indicators; no change is likely from the last month and -0.8% is due to remain.

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In Australia, AUD, Employment Change, the monthly amount of employed people, is due to rise up from -27.0K on July to 10.3K now.

Later in Australia, Unemployment Rate, value by percentage all the unemployed that are seeking employment, rise of 0.1% is estimated from the last report up to 5.3%.

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In Japan, Monetary Policy Statement, primary BOJ tools to communicate with investors regarding financial policy and projects the economic outlook of future rate decisions. While on the Overnight Call Rate no change is forecasted and 0.10% due to remain similar to the last months. And it is followed by Bank of Japan (BOJ) Press Conference.

Later in Japan, Household Confidence is due to rise by 0.4 points up to 40.8 points.

More in Japan, Prelim Machine Tool Orders no change is projected from July and -15.5% is estimated now.

Finally in Japan, Corporate Goods Price Index (CGPI); is about to further reduce from -1.3% on July down to -1.5%.

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