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We summarize this week Non-Farm Employment Change in the US and Halifax HPI in the UK are the major events this day. Here is an outlook on the market-movers awaiting us.

In the US, Unemployment Rate, monthly report to value the all work force by percentage that is looking for jobs over the past month, rise is forecasted up by 0.1% from December up to 8.7%.

More in the US, Non-Farm Employment Change, monthly report that value the employed people (without the farming business), rise is forecasted from 120K on December up to 153K now.

Later in the US, Average Hourly Earnings, consumer inflation key indicator that value the   of Change in the labor prices (apart from the farming manufacturing), due to rise by 0.3% from December up to 0.2%.

Also in the US, Elizabeth Dukein, Federal Reserve Governor, is due to deliver a speech in Richmond.

Finally in the US, Sarah Bloom Raskinin, Federal Reserve Governor, is about to speak in Baltimore.

In Canada, Employment Change, value the number of employed people on the last month, contuneuw to rise from the last months from -18.6K on December up to 15.3K now.

More in Canada, Unemployment Rate, measures the percentage of unemployed that that are looking for jobs on the last month, is due to remain 7.4% similar to the last month report.

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In Europe, Unemployment Rate, value the percentage of the unemployed that are looking for employment on the last month, 10.3% is predicted similar to the last monthly report.

More in Europe, Retail Sales is a consumer spending key indicator that is due to reduce from 0.3% down to -0.2% this month.

Finally in Europe, German Factory Orders, measures the manufacturer’s new orders reduce is predicted from 5.2% down to -1.6%.

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In Great Britain, Halifax House Price Index (HPI), value the homes that are financed by Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) price change, -0.9% is predicted, similar to the last month report.

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In Switzerland, Consumer Price Index (CPI), measures the consumer’s goods and services prices, is about to rise from -0.2% on December up to -0.1%.

More in Switzerland, Foreign Currency Reserves, the total global reserves and foreign currency liquidity is about to remain 229.3B like on December.

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That’s it for today.

Happy forex trading!