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Contrary to usual Monday’s this one starts with many important indicators. In Britain, Manufacturing PMI stands out. In the US, it’s ISM Manufacturing PMI, and don’t forget Canadian GDP…Let’s dive in to the first day of forex trading this month.

Australian Retail Sales start the day with an expected rise of 0.5%, much less than last month’s impressive 2.2% rise. Also note the Australian  Commodity Prices.

Japanese  Average Cash Earnings are predicted to keep on falling – this time by 4.2%.

In Britain –  Halifax HPI is a major economic indicator. It’ll probably be published today and is expected to fall by 1%. Manufacturing PMI is predicted to continue its cautious rise, and climb to 44.1

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In Canada, monthly GDP is expected to fall by 0.3%. The recession in Canada is weaker than in the US, but is still quite strong.  Also in Canada,  RMPI is expected to rise yet again, this time by 6.3%.

In the US,  Core PCE Price Index is predicted to take a small step forward, rising by 0.2%. Personal Spending, an important indicator for consumers’ mood, is expected to fall yet again by 0.2%.

The big event of today is the  ISM Manufacturing PMI. Also in the US, it’s predicted to slowly crawl upwards – from 40.1 to 42.3, but remain on the pessimistic side, under 50.

Also in the US,  Construction Spending is expected to fall, and  ISM Manufacturing Prices to rise from 32 to 35.3, still very low.

That’s it! For an outlook on the week’s major events, check out the Forex Weekly Outlook.