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Crude Oil Inventories in the US and Unemployment Rate  in New Zealand are the main events today.   Here is an outlook on the market-movers awaiting us

In the US, Jeremy Stein, Federal Reserve Governor is due to participate in a panel in Chicago.

Later in the US, Jack Lew, US Treasury Secretary is due to testify in Washington DC.

Finally in the US, Crude Oil Inventories, weekly indicator to value the commercial barrels of crude oil that are held in inventory, 2.1M id due from 6.7M on the last time.

In Canada, Housing Starts, 175K is predicted from 181K on April

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In Europe, German Industrial Production, shows al the output produced by manufacturers, mines, and utilities, -0.1% is expected from 0.5% on the last report.

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In Great Britain, Halifax House Price Index (HPI),  value the price change of homes that were financed by Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) over the previous month, 0.2% is likely now similar to the prior time.

Finally in Great Britain, British Retail Consortium (BRC) Retail Sales Monitor, measures the same-store level of retail level, 1.9% is forecasted now with no change from the April.

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In Switzerland, Consumer Price Index (CPI), monthely indicator to value the consumer’s price change of goods and services, reduce down to 0.1% is expected from 0.2% on April.

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In New Zealand, Unemployment Rate, quarterly report to value by percentage the total unemployed work force that is actively seeking employment, 6.8% is predicted from 6.9% on the last time.

Later in New Zealand, Employment Change, the number of employed people over the last month is about to rise up to 1.1% from -1.0% on April.

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