Forex Daily Outlook October 11 2012
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Forex Daily Outlook October 11 2012

Unemployment Claims in the US and Unemployment Rate in Australia are the major market-movers. Let see what awaits us today.

Group of Seven (G7) Meetings, finance ministers and central bankers from 7 industrialized nations, influence the global policy-making and their policies can impact the currency markets.

In the US, Unemployment Claims, weekly indicator to value who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time, rise up to 370K is likely now from 367K on the past week.

Later in the US, Trade Balance, value the difference between imported and exported goods, due to further reduce from -42.0B on September down to -43.9B now.

Later on in the US, Janet Yellen, Federal Reserve Governor is due to participate in a panel discussion in Tokyo.

More in the US, Jeremy Stein, Federal Reserve Governor, is due to deliver a speech in Washington DC.

Moreover in the US, Import Prices, the price change of imported domestically goods and services, 0.7% is likely now with no change from the last report on September.

Also in the US, Crude Oil Inventories, the commercial barrels of crude oil that is held in inventory, -0.5M is due now similar to the last week’s report.

Finally in the US, Federal Budget Balance, value the difference between the federal government’s income and spending, -4.0B is expected now from -190.5B on the last month.

In Canada, Trade Balance, shows the difference between imported and exported on the passing month, -1.7B is due now from -2.3B on September.

Later in Canada, New Housing Price Index (NHPI), value the selling price of new homes, rise of 0.1% up to 0.2% is likely now from the last monthly report.

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In Europe, European Central Bank (ECB) Monthly Bulletin, shows the ECB Governing Board’s statistical data regarding the latest interest rate decision and analysis of present and upcoming financial conditions from the bank’s viewpoint.

Later in Europe, Consumer Price Index (CPI); show the consumers’ price change of goods and services, on the French CPI  0.1% is calculated now from 0.7% on September. While on the German Final CPI no change from the last time is forecasted.

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In Australia, Employment Change, value the employed people on the last month, 4.4K is due now in from -8.8K in September.

Later in Australia, Unemployment Rate, value by percentage of the unemployed that are actively looking for jobs over the past month, rise of 0.2% from September is due up to 5.3% now.

Finally in Australia, Melbourne Institute (MI) Inflation Expectations, value by percentage the consumers’ expect price change of goods and services on the next 12 months, 2.4% is due now.


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In Japan, Tertiary Industry Activity, value all the businesses’ purchased services, rise up to0.5% is calculated now from -0.8%.

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