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Michael Greenberg’s Forex Magnates takes the forex industry one step forward: his first ever professional research of all the factors in the growing industry is a big step forward.

This 30+ page report discusses every player in the market in a way that you will instantly understand what’s going on behind the scenes of forex trading. Michael just knows everybody in the industry but manages to keep his keep an unbiased stance.

I’ve been following Forex Magnates from its early days. With his sharp uncompromising analysis, Greenberg is the No. 1 authority for the industry making this report very valuable.

The currency trading industry lacked serious analysis up to now. The big research firms that can dive into the specs of every gadget and make a forward-looking statement for ten years, didn’t get close to the forex industry and are unlikely to do so. They don’t have the understanding. Smaller companies that analyzed forex up to now, haven’t been able to produce valuable reports.

Even if you’re not a part of the industry and don’t ever wish to get into it, but are a trader, I’m sure the report will be of high value also to you. When you put your trust (and your money) with a forex broker, aren’t you interested in understanding what’s going on behind the scenes?

The report covers brokers, portals, IBs, forex social networks and more. I’ve heard that the report for Q2 will contain even more details.

You can read more about the report and acquire it here.