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It’s been a very busy week, especially if you’ve been trading EUR/USD. The markets are now closed, and some of you are enjoying a long Thanksgiving weekend. Here are some interesting long term forex related articles for you to crunch. Enjoy!

  • Kathy Lien notes that some not-so-safe countries are now more credit worthy than Portugal and Spain.
  • Macro Man analyzes the mess in Europe in an article title “The Beginning of the END”
  • Adam Kritzer sees more room for rises in emerging market currencies.
  • Izabella Kaminska examines the rising yields of Spanish bonds and sees a liquidity crunch coming.
  • Jay Norris analyzes quantitative easing, the dollar and behavioral trading.
  • AshFX analyzes new features in FXStat and sees it’s becoming a clone of MyFXBook.
  • Casey Stubbs presents forex range trading in an educational video.
  • Francesc Riverola announces that FXStreet news highlights will be included in Netdania’s news applet. Interesting cooperation indeed.
  • Andriy reports that forex popularity is growing slowly.

Here’s a recap of selected long-term articles on Forex Crunch this week:

Surprisingly, an article on the sidelines of forex trading, about the rumored death of Kim Jung Il, was one of the most popular this week. Go figure…