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Here’s a collection of interesting forex-related articles. All the linked posts have a scope that’s larger than a single day’s trading.

  • Adam Kritzer explains how the stock markets and currencies contain to be closely linked.
  • Lena asks how long the dollar will continue to be strong. This is from the beginning of the week. It’s nice looking back at a volatile week…
  • Eric deCarbonnel exposes the seizure of 135 billion in US Treasury Bonds. An interesting story overlooked by the media, that could impact the dollar.
  • James W has a video about day trading in the forex market.
  • Casy Stubbs gives us tips to successful forex trading.
  • Barbara Zigah, at DailyForex, summarizes the week with a look on the US Dollar Index.

That’s it. There’s never enough time for all the reading I want to do…