Forex Crunches for the Weekend – June 27 2009


Here are interesting forex-related reads for this weekend. All the linked articles have a scope larger than one day’s trade.

  • Adam Kritzer dives into one of the strongest factors in the forex market: risk, and asks if risk aversion is back.
  • Macro Man talks about ECB issues and also about the SNB intervention. Interesting and amusing as usual.
  • Kathy Lien writes about the effect of the SNB intervention to weaken the Swiss Franc. I believe it’s short lived.
  • Eric deCarbonnel is amazed by the correlation between US Secretaries of Treasury and gold prices. He concludes that the US Treasury is manipulating gold prices.
  • James Chen, writes about throwbacks and pullbacks when currencies make breaks, in technical analysis.
  • James W (from Forex Articles) explains the Triple Exponential Moving Average, or TEMA. He gives an example using the EUR/USD.
  • Casey Stubbs reviews the most common forex price patterns.

That’s is. I hope you like the mix of macro-economic and technical articles. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jun-26, 2009

    Stuck in a Range, but Look Closer

    Well the GPD/USD has been stuck in a range. A range from 1.62 at a low to 1.66 at a high.

    Taking a closer look, it looks like a head and shoulders.. Actually it looks like a “W”.

    On June 19th then it reach 1.6560. Then it plunged to 1.62. close to the 23rd.. Then it rose to 1.66 to for the head. Next it fell to 1.6231 and rose again to 1,6560 on the 26th before the market closed on Friday. And then a slight turn downward before the day was over. (see GPD/USD 2 hour chart),

    Now the downward movement of the left shoulder should take place, probably on the European session on Monday.

    Most analyst are voicing that the GPD/USD is Bullish that is contray to my technical analysis.

    Will it take place. I do not know. According to all the courses I took, it will happen. I have seen things happen in the FOREX market recently that mystify me.

    So I will wait for the fundamental data and analyze the chart data before I move.

    Ted Wood