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Here are interesting forex-related reads for this weekend. All the linked articles have a scope larger than one day’s trade.

  • Adam Kritzer dives into one of the strongest factors in the forex market: risk, and asks if risk aversion is back.
  • Macro Man talks about ECB issues and also about the SNB intervention. Interesting and amusing as usual.
  • Kathy Lien writes about the effect of the SNB intervention to weaken the Swiss Franc. I believe it’s short lived.
  • Eric deCarbonnel is amazed by the correlation between US Secretaries of Treasury and gold prices. He concludes that the US Treasury is manipulating gold prices.
  • James Chen, writes about throwbacks and pullbacks when currencies make breaks, in technical analysis.
  • James W (from Forex Articles) explains the Triple Exponential Moving Average, or TEMA. He gives an example using the EUR/USD.
  • Casey Stubbs reviews the most common forex price patterns.

That’s is. I hope you like the mix of macro-economic and technical articles. Have a great weekend!