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Here’s a list of interesting forex-related articles from chosen blogs/sites. All the articles have a scope of more than a single day’s trading:

  • Adam Kritzer discusses the dollar’s weakness and focuses on the low-interest rates. He also writes about the prospects for a renewed strengthening of the greenback.
  • Jum Hunt, on Forex Magnates, reports that the popular Forex MegaDroid finally understands FIFO. The new NFA regulations, which are in effect for over two months, are still a big issue.
  • Mark Thomas, on Casey Stubbs’ site, talks about forex profits through positive thinking. Psychology is a big part of the game.
  • Jay Norris talks about the fine line between a correction and a loss. This is one of the things that differentiate new and seasoned traders.
  • Larry Greenberg summarizes the week in an interesting way. He notes the changing environment from the current dollar=safe haven attitude.
  • Wade Hansen, of Learning Markets, writes that the dollar is the big loser of this week, and marks the Yen as next week’s loser.
  • Again in Forex Magnates, but this time it’s mine – I wrote a guest post about which currency pairs to trade.

There’s so much going on in the market – so much news. I think that in the weekend we should sit back and read material with a larger scope.

Have a great weekend!