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Here are some interesting forex-related articles for the weekend. All of them have a scope of more than a single day’s trading:

  • Mark Thomas, at Casey Stubbs’ site, begins a series of articles about designing a fractal based trailing stop EA. If this sounds hard for you, I’m sure that after reading the article you’ll be enlightened.
  • Jason Stapleton, the forex guy, at forex moments, writes about how to become a professional trader.
  • Adam Kritzer brings an interview with Howard Lindzon, co founder of StockTwits, which declares that he’s optimistic about forex.
  • James W brings the USD/JPY pair as a classic example as why you should always follow the trend in forex trading.
  • Jay Norris discusses which screens he uses for forex trading.
  • Larry Greenberg analyzes the big improvement in Canadian employment and the related moves in the forex market. I see the road to USD/CAD parity open…

That’s it for now. There’s so much to read and never enough time. Have a great weekend!