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Here are some interesting reads that I’ve found this week.

  • Kathy Lien gives an excellent explanation of the Toxic Asset Plan
  • The Forex Articles offers an interesting strategy regarding trading opening range breakouts.
  • James Chen released FXStreets’ monthly Webinar about  Trading Forex on a Daily Basis Using Daily Charts.
  • Adam Kitzer, of Forex Blog, writes about how contradicting signals in EUR/USD make it hard to predict.
  • Lena, of SpikeCharts, wonders how long the dollar will stay strong.
  • Mish dives into Quantiative Easing in the US. He’s not exactly positive on the issue.

As always, there’s never enough time to read everything that I wish to read, and there are lots of other great pieces in the blogs mentioned above and elsewhere. Is there anything that you recommend reading?

Another note: I’ve joined Twitter – @forexcrunch. Profile page. It’ll be connected with the blog here, and will also include some random thoughts…