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Here are some interesting forex-related reads for the weekend. All of them have a scope of over a single day’s trading, and are in various areas:

  • Adam Kritzer explains why central banks have an interest to keep the US dollar strong, and how they operate about this.
  • Macro Man dives into the wording of central banks and their statements this week, and discusses the differences in an amusing article.
  • Larry Greenberg analyzes the recent decision by the European Central Bank, which was disregarded by many traders.
  • Mark Thomas, on Casey Stubbs’ site, advocates to take forex trading seriously and master it, not play with it.
  • James Chen explains everything about price oscillator divergences. Sounds Greek to you? You’ll understand after reading James’ piece.
  • James W, in another technical article, talks about how to trade RSI and MACD divergence.
  • Michael Greenberg reports that Saxo Bank has acquired a software company in order to step up their platform development. The forex software market is always busy.
  • Jay Norris talks about how a big move affects different currencies in different waves, and shows that this data is very valuable for identifying market weakness and market strength.
  • Tim Barnby is back, and he provides some insight about forex signal providers.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!