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Here’s a collection of interesting forex-related articles from various places on the web. All of them have a scope larger than a single day’s trading.

  • Adam Kritzer interviews Edward Hugh, a macro economist that states that the dollar’s demise is overstated.
  • James Chen presents a webinar about combining candlesticks with Western technical analysis.
  • Jay Norris talks about the right questions to ask before making a trade.
  • Michael Greenberg brings an interesting overview of FXIntel, that compares live spreads by different brokers.
  • Kathy Lien wonders how long the dollar can rise on Ben Bernanke’s unclear comments.
  • Michael Storm, on Casey Stubbs’ blog, talks about Precision Entries and Maximizing Exits, with many examples.
  • Eric deCarbonnel reports that China might drop the dollar peg in order to fight inflation. Currently, they’re quite careful.

That’s it for now. In last week’s links, I promised to updated the list of top 10 blogs. So, here is the updated list of forex blogs.