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Here’s a bunch of forex-related articles that I’ve collected from the web for this weekend. All of them have a  rather large  scope:

  • James Chen updates on an upcoming webinar titled “Honing in on Oscillator Analysis”. His technical webinars are interesting.
  • Dave Lemont, CEO of  Currensee,  announces that Shaun Downey joins their team as the Chief Market Analyst.
  • Kathy Lien downplays the Dubai crisis in a television interview.
  • Adam Kritzer debunks the myth about the US dollar and the deficit. This is a follow-up to a post that debunked the “strong dollar” policy.
  • Larry Greenberg discusses how Obama’s new strategy in Afghanistan will affect the dollar.
  • Ashton, on Michael Greenberg’s site, examines the new ACT platform. It looks quite user-friendly. Also, note the article about forex in the Middle East.
  • Jay Norris talks about overlooking the obvious. A reader sent me an email this week about having too many support and resistance lines – something that makes him overlook the big picture.
  • Michael Storm, in Casey Stubbs’ site, gives some good old plain advice – have backups!

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!