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Here are some interesting forex-related reads for the weekend, all with a rather large scope and in a variety of issues:

  • Larry Greenberg looks at policymakers worldwide and states that the world is too reliant on Asian demand.
  • James Chen sees the recent EUR/USD weakness as a major trend breakdown, a long term move.
  • Adam Kritzer looks at this important pair from a different angle and states that the it moves mostly from the dollar’s moves, for a long time as well.
  • Learning Markets show in a video, that the dollar has hit the bottom.
  • Michael Storm, on Casey Stubbs’ blog, discusses the sometimes  over-sought question: Is forex trading like gambling?
  • Jay Norris dives into serious psychological subjects in forex trading: hope, doubt and fear.
  • Michael Greenberg gives a funny example of the suspicious broker. Here’s my post about how to avoid forex scams.

One late addition: another link to Michael Greenberg’s blog – it was written by me: About the smarter carry trade.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!