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The market finishes a wild week of action, with a confusing NFP. Now that the markets are closed, we can sit back and read some  interesting forex-related articles, all with a rather larger scope than a single day’s trade.

  • Kathy Lien talks on TV about American and Canadian job numbers and the long term implications. Can’t avoid the very hot topic…
  • Larry Greenberg discusses the role of risk aversion and how it’s pushing the dollar higher.
  • Macro Man looks at the big picture of the global economy and sees a horror show which he rates the same way movies are rated.
  • Adam Kritzer dives into the regulatory mess regarding retail forex. There are so many regulators out there…
  • Michael Greenberg provides a monthly retail forex volume report for January and does some hard work in mining the data.
  • James Chen presents an unknown indicator, Guppy Multiple Moving Averages (GMMA).
  • James W of the forex articles, supplies a long-term forex trading system.
  • Casey Stubbs discusses the value in team work. Yes, also in forex trading, where people usually sit alone next to their computers.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!